Name & Effect Poison - Poisons the target as they slowly loose health. May also cause vomiting and stomach cramps.

Cloak - The Target becomes invisible for a minute. If they move, a transparent silhouette is visible. If they stand perfectly still, they are fully invisible.

Rage - Target becomes enraged increasing attack power, but lowering defences significantly. They will also keep attacking until the effect wears off without listening to reason.

Silence - Target cannot use spells anymore. This is a Mute spell. May also be used on others to stop them from talking for a while.

Petrification - The Target is turned into solid rock for a few rounds and is unable to move, but is immune to mos spells. Breaking or damaging the target will also cause damage when they return to normal.

Fear - Causes the target to fear the caster, imagining their worst fears come to life. Some might be able to attack anyway or try to face it, but for the most part, will cower and be unable to do anything. The effect is both visual and audio.

Confusion - Target's mind is spinning and they have trouble concentrating. Sometimes they manage to attack normally, other time they will just hurt themselves / use the wrong attack

Charm - Target becomes infatuated at the caster. This means harming friends to protect the caster or to ignore everyone else.

Egoism - Target becomes infatuated with themselves, ignoring everything else on the battlefield.

Illusion - Target starts to see vivid images around themselves that distort reality. This can also include audio illusions as well.

Exhaustion - Target becomes fatigued, and has trouble using weapons and physical attacks.

Sick - The Target feels weak and has trouble casting spells and attacking and has a tenancy to fall down when attacking.

Down - The Target has fallen down which leaves them more vunerable to attacks. They can be aided or will get up on the next turn.

Sleep - Target falls asleep and must be awoken, either by a spell of a physical/element attack (at the risk of doing much harm)

Happy - The Target falls into an unending bliss, ignoring everything around them, and laughing uncontrollably.

Beast - The Target turns into a werebeast, growing fangs, clawed hands, improved vision, hearing, strength and smell, but during the spell's duration, they cannot use their Personas and can only attack dealing physical damage. This somehow still works on robots and non humanoid creatures as well...

Animal - The Target is turned into an animal for a few rounds and cannot do anything, leaving themselves vulnerable. (Frog, Cat, Rat & Fly)